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Creative Game Technologies (CGT) will help you improve your bottom line by helping you optimize player experience and conform to the legalities of casino looking games in your state.



Customers that play our games consistently find value and entertainment, and that leads to more seat time for your location.


If your games aren’t online, you’re not making money. Our customer support staff will keep you up and running 24/7. Period.


We are constantly evolving and introducing new games and encouraging your input. If you can imagine it, we can design it!


Our cutting edge gaming technology is based on three core principles – profitability, stability, and accountability.

Fun, fresh, exciting games for your customers!

Pull Tab Games

CGT’s Electronic Pull-tab games offer fun titles, mind-blowing 3D animation, and exciting bonus games, all while maintaining the integrity of the traditional Pull-tab.

CGT is a leader in Electronic Pull-tab game design with immersive and engaging themes. We are always coming out with great new game titles with something for everyone. The bottom line is our games bring excitement that leads to increased play from patrons.

Fundraising has never been so profitable!

Pull Tab Game Screenshots

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Reporting & Provisioning

Our Enterprise Reporting and Provisioning System let’s you improve accounting efficiency and transparency by eliminating multiple redundant reporting systems from different locations. It provides you with a variety of standard and customizable report options.

CGT’s ERP System will drastically improve the player experience by eliminating confusion resulting from multiple ticketing/card-based systems. It lets players select the games they want to play and provide a single cash-in/ticket-in-ticket-out system for the various types of games offered at each location.

The result is increased game play and customer satisfaction!

Turn Key Game Cabinets

All cabinets have innovative, beautiful, and flexible designs that are customizable to the end user. Our attractive lighting can be displayed either vertically or by using our innovative horizontally displayed puck system.

All of the display angles of our large monitors have been designed to maximize ergonomic comfort in addition to the attractive smooth flowing lines and unique elegant profile. Our cabinets use a patented technology to form steel weldments that function like and visually resemble die casted parts. These unique shapes and designs can now be manufactured without the use of expensive tooling builds. With this technology, we are offering “Hybrid” models that allow us to deliver Class 3 experiences at costs below Class 2 levels.

Electronic Pull Tab Cabinet

Reviews from Real Customers

Several of the larger electronic pull-tab manufacturers have left the state of Mississippi and left our charities without one of their most important fundraising tools. CGT hasn’t left, as a matter of fact they’ve stuck by Mississippi charities, working closely with our state regulators and the leadership of nonprofits. CGT continues to invest in their electronic pull-tab technology to insure that this valuable tool remains available to those who need it. CGT has gone all in – in Mississippi, and every single charity that we work with statewide appreciates their commitment.
Rob Turner

Roy Bingo Supplies

CGT and its staff have been instrumental in the OVFCC’s successful charitable electronic gaming program. They listened to our idea about using electronic raffles to help our membership raise money for themselves and the charities that they support and made it a reality. The OVFCC has been instrumental in raising over $31 million for Ohio charities since we started our electronic gaming program and I really don’t think that would have been possible if CGT hadn’t stepped in when no one else would. CGT takes their relationship with the OVFCC membership seriously and Ohio’s veteran and fraternal charities benefit immensely from it
Bill Seagraves

Board President, Ohio Veterans & Fraternal Charitable Coalition

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Creative Games Technologies, a family owned business, is the creator and distributor of fun and profitable charitable games. CGT fully supports the fundraising endeavors of local 501(c)3 non-profits by offering superior customer service and business acumen.


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