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Q: What is the cost of the CGT gaming system?

A: CGT’s gaming system will be installed at absolutely no cost to you.  The only possible expense might be an internet connection if your location doesn’t have one that can be used.  CGT will provide installation, the individual game terminal(s), the point-of-sale system, chairs, and receipt paper.

Q: How secure is CGT's gaming system?

A: Security is at the forefront of every CGT gaming system. Depending on the jurisdiction, CGT systems are locked and can be constantly monitored remotely.  Payout vouchers are printed on register paper with specific information about the site including location name and address, game terminal serial numbers and time played.

Q: Will I have the capability to remotely monitor the site/units?

A; Yes!  All site activity will be able to be viewed remotely from any internet-capable device meaning you will have near real-time access to your gaming information from anywhere!

Q: How does internal reporting work?

A:  Reporting varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and CGT offers a series of standard reports that will typically satisfy the requirements of your specific jurisdiction.  If not, we can customize our reporting system to meet your needs.

Q: How will billing work?

A: Depending on the jurisdiction, invoices are typically sent out each week electronically by either CGT or its designated distributor.

Q: How do I get started and get the units installed?

A: To get started, call (888) 842-3537 to speak to one of our sales representative, who will schedule a time to meet face-to-fact to evaluate your needs.  After that, your sales rep can help walk you through the placement agreement process, answering any questions you might have along the way.  Once the placement agreement has been executed a day and time (typically two weeks from the execution of the contract) will be set to install your new electronic pull tab system.  The installation usually takes about four hours, depending on they layout of your location.

Q: Can I purchase units at my own risk?

A: CGT does not currently sell their units.

Q: How will the flare be displayed?

A: A digital “flare” will be displayed on one of the help screens inside each game.

Q: Will you be able to see how many winners or tickets remain?

A: An electronic pull-tab device shall not be capable of displaying the number of e-tabs that remain in the game set or the number of winners or losers that have been drawn or still remain in the game set while the game set is still being played.

Q: Will there be a time limit from time of cash out until redemption?

A: That will be up to the jurisdiction and/or location.

Q: Who is responsible for servicing the machines?

A: CGT or the distributor will handle any sort of issues that are more complicated than printer paper jams and bill acceptor jams.  CGT has the capability to remotely connect to a unit to fix any software issues that arise.  If remote tech support doesn’t fix the problem a field technician will be deployed to your location, usually within 24 hours of the remote tech’s request.

Q: Who is liable for a damaged unit?

A: The location will be held liable for any damage to units caused by neglect or misuse.

Q: How many games and what denominations will be available?

A: CGT currently has a catalog of around 20 game titles with approximately four new game titles in development at any given time.  Depending on your jurisdiction, denomination of games offered by CGT are 25 cents, 50 cents, 75 cents, $1, $2, $3, $5, $10 and $20.

Q: What are the different options as far as types of e-tab machines?

A: There are three main types of game terminals available by CGT; tablets, all-in-ones (AIO) and cabinets.  Cabinet game terminals have bill acceptors and will print credit vouchers that can be redeemed at our POS system.

Q. Does your program pay out in cash?

A. No.  CGT’s system uses a cash-out ticket that can be redeemed at the POS system.

Q. What is your maximum prize amount winner?

A: The maximum win amount is determined by each jurisdiction’s rules and regulations.

Q. What are your splits between the location, charity, and vendor?

A: This will depend on your jurisdiction and the gaming system that’s being utilized.  Call any member of our sales team for more specific information!

Q. Will this program affect my paper pull-tab sales?

A: Not at all, in fact we have found in most cases in increases paper pull-tab sales!  These two styles of gaming tend to complement each other at most locations.

Q. What are your technician service hours?

A: CGT’s technical support staff is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Q. How much money do we need in our cash drawer to start up the program?

A: This figure can vary depending on the jurisdiction and game system being used.  The general rule of thumb is to carry enough cash in your cash drawer to cover your largest possible winner at any given time.

Q. How do you collect your money? How often?

A: We recommend that money be collected out of all game terminals each day and balanced using our POS reporting system.

Q. What is your payout percentage?

A: Payout percentages could be dictated by your jurisdiction; however, CGT payout percentages ensure a proper balance between a great play experience with competitive payouts and an adequate hold for the location.

Q. Because of space concerns, what is the size of your POS?

A: The size of your POS system is determined by a number of factors, including the gaming system you’re operating and your jurisdiction.  CGT’s standard Point of Sales system is 16” (W) x 23” (H) x 17”(D).

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