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Enchanted Forest Pull Tab Game

Pop into a Magical Forest!


Pop into a magical forest full of critters, flowers, toadstools and fairies that blow lucky dust over anyone who enters their Enchanted Forest!

There is nothing dark or menacing about these mystical glittering surroundings. Pull back a wall of ivy to reveal splendid 3D symbols surrounded by massive twisting tree trunks and lush ferns. A curtain of multicolored butterflies transports you to the Bonus round, which has you peeking above the forest canopy in a whimsical game of hid and seek. In the treetop branches fairies make their homes in a myriad of playful wooden structures as you try to find out who’s home for bountiful rewards.

A playful atmosphere of flutes and bells adds to the cheerful ambience of this mystical Pull-tab game. As night falls on the forest you will experience multiple Free Spins in combination with Stacked Wilds for added chances to WIN BIG.

Step into this woodland realm and experience the magic as you giggle alongside precocious fairies on the captivating reels of Enchanted Forest.




enchanted forest pull tab bonus game screen shot

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