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Gold Mining Pull Tab Game

An Underground Adventure Full of Glittering Gems

Gold-mining-pull-tab-game-logoGet ready for an underground adventure full of glittering gems and the most immersive bonus game available. Grab your pick axe and strike it rich on the reels of Gold Mining.

This dynamite game has many exciting features such as stunning 3D symbols, animation, and graphics of the highest quality. TNT wild symbols detonate regularly increasing payouts by more than double while free spins offer a chance for big wins. Players find themselves in a mineshaft deep underground and the reels themselves are set between wooden posts anchoring the mine’s ceiling. You will fall in love with the smooth gameplay and impressive graphics while subtle sound effects and great payouts guarantee a swell time.

The bonus is triggered as you line up 3 mine carts on the reels. As TNT explodes you’ll find yourself guiding a mine cart deep in the underground tunnels. This bonus features a veritable rollercoaster ride that lets you decide the path to riches. Numerous chances at big payouts can lead to riches beyond your wildest dreams. Don’t take a wrong turn or you’ll come to the end of the line!

Got gold fever? Then grab a pickaxe and dig your way to riches on the lucrative reels of Gold Mining.





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