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Reel Fishing Pull Tab Game

Cast Your Line into Reel Fishing

Reel-Fishing-logoLooking for a unique fishing experience? This game is packed with fishing icons sure to set any avid angler’s heart racing! Pull out your tackle box and cast a line into Reel Fishing.

Get on board this luxury sports boat and zip on down to the azure waters of the Caribbean. As you cast in your Red Devil be prepared to pull up the catch of a lifetime! 3D symbols jump and spin with excitement in this one-of-a-kind Pull-tab fishing game.

A very special interactive underwater bonus game has you reeling up Big Payouts! The sound of steel drums, revving boat engines, and relaxing ocean waves accompany this beautifully crafted 3D game teeming with fish. You are in control as you decide the depth to set your hook but hold the line tight or your fish may escape!

Subtle animations bring authenticity to the game even when the reels aren’t spinning. Passing clouds make their way across the bright sky, palm trees sway in the breeze, and fishing poles bend from inquisitory nibbles.

This game brings players all the action of angling with a distinct twist and you won’t even need to leave your house to enjoy this virtual fishing challenge. So take the ultimate fishing trip, with high stakes and cash prizes to win in Reel Fishing.





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