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Riches of the Sea Pull Tab Game

An Aquatic World of Friendly Tropical Fish

Riches-of-the-Sea-LogoSuit up and dive into an aquatic world of friendly tropical fish and other marine creatures on the immersive reels of Riches of the Sea.

Down at these depths you’ll swim through curtains of bubbles alongside the shadow of a sunken galleon. In these warm, fish filled Caribbean waters you’ll find shiny pearls, lively sea horses, snappy lobsters, and sunken treasures.

Special bonus rounds, and match games are in abundance with 4 rounds of hidden treasures and impressive rewards. Let a chummy shark be your guide as you enjoy multiple Free Spins and stack your winnings.

Golden coins litter the sea floor as Poseidon’s wild trident symbol brings in the bounty. No need to hold your breath in this splashing fun game of finned pals who help you uncover big payouts in Riches of the Sea.





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