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Charitable Games by Creative Games Technologies

Charitable Games that are backed by a solid support system

CGT’s Electronic Pull-tabs are a true cornerstone of the charitable market with over 20 game titles to choose from.

Our popular Charitable Electronic Pull-tab games are fully compliant, easy to use and visually captivating. Iconic themes like Bombshell Bombers will put you in the cockpit of a WWII B-17, while cat lovers will enjoy the quirky reels of Crazy Cat. Whatever your preference our Charitable Pull-tab games are here to bring the fun.

CGT is committed to the fundraising efforts of charities throughout the country by providing fun Charitable Games to organizations such as the OVFCC (Ohio Veterans and Fraternal Charitable Coalition).

These nonprofit organizations provide invaluable services to the local community and must be creative in seeking ways to expand their fundraising capabilities. Charitable gaming offers a major funding source to support their efforts. CGT is committed to these charities and is a true partner, only making money if the charities make money, with proceeds and prizes handled according to the established regulations designated by state law.

Our Gaming Development Team keeps our products on the forefront of the charitable gaming markets nationwide by utilizing the latest technological advancements in graphics and sound engineering to bring our games to life. Beautifully themed game interfaces offer an immersive world in every game tile and provide hours of enjoyment with enticing bonuses and free spins.

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Creative Games Technologies, a family owned business, is the creator and distributor of fun and profitable charitable games. CGT fully supports the fundraising endeavors of local 501(c)3 non-profits by offering superior customer service and business acumen.


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