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Crazy Cat Pull Tab Game

Be One with the Cat; Win the Cheese

Crazy-cat-logo-with-cat-artwork Play a rollicking game of cat and mouse as you seek out your BIG PAYDAY in this plucky and super fun game of hide and seek. Morph back to your Saturday morning, cartoon-loving self on the cheerful reels of Crazy Cat.

Bounce along to a vintage tune while you gather up free spins on a reel filled with quirky symbols such as yarn balls, alley cats, and sneaky mouse characters. A 3D hand painted bonus round provides plenty of light-hearted novelty entertainment fit for any Tom and Jerry fan while bright colors, a sense of humor, and a stylish theme will leave you feeling like the cat that got the cream.

So come test out your mousing skills and grab a pawful of cash on a game where curiosity never killed the cat in the cutest hide and seek game on the market, Crazy Cat!




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